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Commercial Flooring in Ferndown

At Imperial Laminate Flooring, we have been providing businesses with expertly-fitted, high quality commercial flooring in Ferndown and throughout the surrounding areas for over 25 years.

Our extensive expertise means we can advise you on the best flooring solutions and apply them to serve the individual requirements of your business. Before we begin our work, we not only measure the floor area, we also ensure that the fitting and maintenance options are clearly discussed with you. While suggesting flooring options, we always keep in mind the frequency of use and durability of the floor.

Commercial Safety Flooring in Ferndown

We offer a wide range of slip retardant flooring for corporate buildings, schools, colleges, hotel kitchens and large conventional centres.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring in Ferndown

Kitchens are high-pressure environments – places where top quality food is produced for long stretches and at a fast pace. It’s vital therefore that the floors can stand the stress just as well as the staff.

What that means is that you’ll want flooring that is slip-resistant and durable, to cut down on accidents in what are often tightly-packed and highly hazardous environments. It will also have to be easy to clean up stains and spills due to hygiene considerations and the likely high rate of spillage that comes with a busy food production environment.

Hotel & Restaurant Flooring in Ferndown

Leisure flooring needs to simply exude class and prestige. Our selections of sophisticated carpets hit just the right note for all types of establishment and function, at price points more reasonable than the designs would suggest.

Retail Flooring in Ferndown

Flooring for retail environments is a vast and diverse area. In general, what is needed are inviting and innovative designs that make the customer feel welcome and wanted – but at the same time do not distract from the shopping experience, rather showcasing and highlighting goods on offer.

It’s our job to provide a great variation of designs and options to ensure an environment in which your customers will spend. Each of our flooring options is durable and easy to maintain. Ask us how we can provide for your specific needs.

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Our expert team provides a diverse range of commercial flooring in Ferndown and throughout the surrounding areas to cater to all requirements, so give us a call or alternatively fill out the contact form provided and we will be in touch ASAP. See our other services here.