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Vinyl Flooring in Ferndown

Considering vinyl flooring in Ferndown for your home or business premises?

Vinyl Linoleum Flooring is a product that has come a long way in recent years, with new developments meaning that it can offer more durability and style than older types of vinyl floors. In particular, advancements in design and technology mean that vinyl floors can suit whatever style you are looking for.

These can include appearances such as wood effect, tile effect vinyl flooring or even plain vinyl flooring. Vinyl is waterproof and easy to clean, which makes it highly suitable for the kitchen and bathroom flooring, whereas water, food and cleaning materials are among many things that may be spilled but will not damage a vinyl linoleum floor.

It is hard-wearing whilst still being gentle on the feet. It is also one of the lower priced floor coverings, making vinyl flooring an economical choice as well as a practical one.

Luxury Cushion Vinyl Flooring in Ferndown

This is vinyl floor as above, but of a soft, slightly spongy feel that makes it extremely soft and luxurious underfoot while still maintaining the water proof properties of normal vinyl flooring. It is thicker than standard vinyl and generally costs a little bit more.

Sheet vinyl flooring

Sheet vinyl comes in prepared rolls that are either 6 or 12 feet wide. It takes various colours and pattern definitions such as natural stone, hardwood or ceramic tiles. One such piece can be used to cover most of the room resulting in an attractive layout without any joins.

You will require more of such pieces for larger rooms. You will need an adhesive to install sheet vinyl flooring. It is ideal for high-moisture areas like kitchens, bathrooms and mudrooms. It’s possible to provide underfloor heating with vinyl sheets installed but only if the laying process was carried out without a double-sided tape.

Vinyl tile flooring

Vinyl tiles are available in squares 12 or 18 inches that when assembled properly resemble stone tiles. Vinyl tiles can be laid in a single colour or in a mix of different colours to create a unique design. Their self-adhesive nature allows them to be installed without glue. They are, however, not compatible with underfloor heating as it may cause its glue to come off.

Vinyl plank flooring

Vinyl planks have a rich natural wood effect. You can pick pale shades like pine or darker tones similar to oaks. They feel warm underfoot and they are easy to install, unlike the natural hardwood planks. They are self-adhesive in nature and makes them incompatible with underfloor heating.

Other benefits of going with vinyl floors include:

  • Vinyl flooring is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Simple to install.
  • They are slip resistant.
  • Suited to homes where the inhabitants have allergies as animal hair, dust and pollen can be cleaned away very easily.
  • They are soft and warmer than floor tiling.
  • Some types of vinyl floors do not require any underlay. This reduces the effort and time needed lay such vinyl floor types.

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